Friday, June 13, 2008

Honky Chicken Cacciatore

Okay- this really isnt a bonafide recipe for Chicken Cacciatore. I made it up. But I think it is good and here it is. =)

Wash chicken (no amount- just wing it- I like thighs best since they turn out moist. Place chicken in large bowl and season liberally.

Add seasonings such as-
Italian Seasoning
Garlic powder/Garlic Salt
Lawry's Seasoning Salt
Cajun Seasoning

Stir chicken well so seasons get on all sides of chicken. Place chicken in dish and bake chicken 350 covered with foil for about an hour or so. Pour off chicken drippings. (You can place chicken on another serving platter if desired for appearance sake now ) Uncover and turn up heat to brown skin if it isnt brown enough as it is.

On top of each chicken piece spoon some spagetti sauce (you can use tomato sauce in a pinch), grated mozzarella, canned mushrooms (drained) and put back in oven to melt cheese and heat sauce. (Just a few minutes)

Serve with pasta and salad.

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