Friday, June 03, 2011

Eggs in a Frame

These are so easy and yummy!

Cookie Cut a whole in your bread and pull out the center. You can use a glass, cookie cutter or anything your heart desires! (I used a crystal light container cut down that I use for biscuit cutting) Butter one side of the bread.

Make sure your non-stick pan is *really* non stick. If it isn't go ahead and add some butter or oil to the pan just in case or it will get messy. (ask me how I know!) Place butter side up bread in pan over medium heat and...

...crack egg in the middle.
You can break your yolk if you like and add salt, pepper, whatever you like.
When bread is nice and golden brown and eggs are cooked to your desired doneness- FLIP!
Fry the little rounds and add as presentation.


Zara said...

oooh, I love that idea!

me said...

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Hannah Tolbert said...

Oh man! This is SUCH a cool idea! I WILL be trying this. One question - how to do you know when the egg is done? I dont like it runny at all - so how would i know *before i burned it?* LOL thanks girl!

Lil said...

I'd put the corner of the spatula in it and check if it's done. Since there is no bread in the middle it the same as a regular egg. Just cook it till there's no more runniness!