Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chinese Meat Steam Buns (Wang Mandu)

This is the closest thing I have found to Wang Mandu in Korea.

1/2 cup water
1 Tbsp veg oil
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1 3/4 bread flour
1 tsp yeast

1/2 pound ground pork
1 scallion chopped
1 egg white
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1/8 tst salt and pepper
1 Tbsp sesame oil

Alternate filling recipe
1 pound ground beef or pork (I prefer pork) (raw)
1 tsp salt
8 minced green onions
2 cups chopped cabbage
1 cup bean sprouts
1 T soy sauce (Korean is best for sure)
1/2 cup tofu, soft Korean is best) tubul- all liquid squeezed out
2 garlic cloves minced

Mix filling ingredients together

I made this with a bread machine previously using the dough cycle. Divide dough into 12 pieces. Roll each piece into a 5 inch circle. Place 1 Tbsp of filling and place in center of rolled dough. Pull edges up, pleating dough where it meets. Pinch closed. Let rise 30 minutes. Steam- not touching or they will stick together.

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