Monday, July 07, 2008

Foolproof Omelette

I have on hand 4 eggs, green peppers, spanish onions and some marbled cheddar/monterey jack cheese. Yum!

I use a non stick spray AND a bit of butter/margarine. I know I am a glutton for punishment but it also tastes so much better. =)

Scramble up your eggs

Turn up the heat and let your butter melt. It is ready when a droplet of water dances on the skillet.

Pour your eggs into your skillet. Salt if desired.

Swirl pan around so eggs form all over the bottom of the pan

If my eggs are thick in the pan I like to gently move the eggs on the side to the middle and let the runny eggs touch the pan to cook...

Sprinkle fillings on top.

Turn flame down to low. My stove flame is pretty small so I have to move my pan around to make sure the eggs cook evenly and the cheese melts.

Flip Omelette over and slide onto serving plate. YUM!

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