Thursday, June 12, 2008

Enchiladas for 20

4 pounds of ground beef- season well and cook with onion
Seasonings you might include-
2 jalapeno peppers chopped in processor
1 onion
lawry's, adobo, cajun seasoning, salt, pepper, chile powder

4 packages of corn tortillas- fry tortillas in oil but you dont want them to become crispy at all. This makes them pliable and easy to roll up so they dont break.

4-5 bags of New Mexico Chile Pods
Destem chilies and remove stems. Boil till soft. Drain. Put in blender adding two cans of tomato sauce, 2 cloves garlic and salt to taste. Blend till desired consistency for enchilada sauce

Assemble with Ground Beef Filling (or you can use chicken) and monterey jack cheese.

Bake 45 minutes or so at 375 degrees.

*note- one bag of chile makes about 3 cups of enchilada sauce including the tomato sauce that was added. A purist would not like the idea of flour tortillas being used for these- but I have and it is delicious!

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